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Re: _ldap.so: undefined symbol: gnutls_alert_send

Howard Chu wrote:
> Jean-Sébastien Mansart wrote:
>> I've got this error with a Zope/Plone site :
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>> [..]
>> undefined symbol: gnutls_alert_send
> Nothing in this trace is a part of OpenLDAP software. Nothing in
> OpenLDAP calls gnutls_alert_send(). Sounds like you need to contact the
> actual authors of the code you're working with.

Well, it seems he uses the Debian builds of python-ldap and OpenLDAP  which
are likely linked against gnu-tls. python-ldap definitely also does not call
gnutls_alert_send(). So I guess there's something within GNU-TLS and some
library is missing.

This might give a hint:


But support for this can only be given by the Debian package maintainer(s) or
the maintainer of the python-ldap .egg distribution file which is used. This
might be linked differently. In both cases they likely lurk on the
python-ldap-dev mailing list. You're welcome to repost your question there.

Ciao, Michael.