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Re: Implementing LDAP logging

On Wednesday, 21 April 2010 16:27:36 rahul.manchanda@bt.com wrote:
> Adding to the below I didn't compiled the LDAP with --enable-debug
> during configuration time. Is that the reason it is not logging to the
> logfile I mentioned in the ldap configuration?

For "normal" logging, you need to consider the syslog aspect.

> This is the way I am specifying the logging info in the slapd.conf:

> loglevel sync stats

This configures what gets logged to syslog. How syslog deals with it is up to 
your syslog configuration.

> logfile
> /opt/software/openldap2.4.19/etc/openldap/logs/ldaplog-primary.log

$ PAGER=cat man slapd.conf|grep -A4 "logfile <"
       logfile <filename>
              Specify a file for recording  debug  log  messages.  By  default
              these  messages  only go to stderr and are not recorded anywhere
              else. Specifying a logfile copies messages to  both  stderr  and
              the logfile.

I believe this is only for use with the -d flag to slapd.

> From: Manchanda,RK,Rahul,DKE C
> Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 3:03 PM
> To: openldap-technical@openldap.org
> Cc: Manchanda,RK,Rahul,DKE C
> Subject: Implementing LDAP logging
> Hi All,
> Even on specifying the loglevel and logfile directives in the slapd.conf
> ldap related logs are not being written to the file.
> However separate auditlog file is getting created successfully and all
> the update/delete/modify/insert operations are getting recorded
> successfully over there.
> I need to get the ldap related log file created as well but that is
> something not happening. Also tried specifying the LOCAL4 feature in the
> syslog.conf and restarted the system logging service but no luck with
> that as well.

What is your slapd command-line? LOCAL4 is the default facility. Does the 
directory that should hold the log file you specified in syslog.conf exist? Can 
you provide the relevant parts of your syslog.conf?