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Implementing LDAP logging

Hi All,


Even on specifying the loglevel and logfile directives in the slapd.conf ldap related logs are not being written to the file.


However separate auditlog file is getting created successfully and all the update/delete/modify/insert operations are getting recorded successfully over there.


I need to get the ldap related log file created as well but that is something not happening. Also tried specifying the LOCAL4 feature in the syslog.conf and restarted the system logging service but no luck with that as well.


I don’t want to put the logging options in the ldap start up command line argument but want the log file created from configuration itself.


Can someone please suggest on this and also is there a way to implement log rotation for the ldap log file through configuration itself then that will be really helpful.


Many Thanks in advance.


Rahul Manchanda
Andes , Selfcare Platform Build Team
tel:   (+91) (20) 66018100 extn: 6178;   e-mail:   rahul.manchanda@bt.com
Address:   Tech Mahindra, Sharada Center, Erandwana Pune-4