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Re: OpenLDAP Data Directory issue

rahul.manchanda@bt.com wrote:
Thanks for the reply.

This I did as a part of platform AIS testing which includes that if the
mount where the data directory is placed went offline then how will LDAP respond.

Also where the data will get cached as I believe it should get cached in
data directory only?

Though the reads were happening in this case but I checked inserting
as well and it worked. As I believe inserts should not happen at all in this
case if data directory does not exists at all.

Please suggest.

Learn how Unix works.

Deleting files doesn't actually remove them if a process still has a file descriptor open on those files. If you wanted to test the behavior of a mount point going offline then you should have done exactly that - unmount the mount point. You would have to use a "force" option if the mount point still has files open on it, and if you successfully dismount, slapd will certainly start failing operations with Internal Error soon after.

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--On Tuesday, April 13, 2010 4:39 PM +0100 rahul.manchanda@bt.com wrote:


For a running LDAP if I delete the data directory still the LDAP is
responding to reads and writes without giving any error.

All logins in related to application are working fine.

Is this picking the data from cache or actual data itself is getting
stored somewhere.

Can someone please provide his/her technical expertise on this behavior?

It's unsupported and you should never delete it while LDAP is running.  It
likely is still cached in memory.



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