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Re: Adding Objectclass account gives object class violation

Shamika Joshi <shamika.joshi@gmail.com> writes:

> I'm using samba-openldap on Ubuntu 9.10 Server. I have created following
> user:rick using smbldap-tools which use default samba.schema.eg shown below.
> Now I also want to use "Host based authentication" using pam_filter where I
> need to mention host entry which has to be present in that user record.
> pam_filter |(host=cms2)(host=cms3)
> However "host" attribute appears only if I add "objectclass:account". If I go
> ahead to add that here for user:rick it gives me objectclass violation. What
> could be the way out of it? Any inputs would be highly appreciated
You either create your own auxiliary object class with attribute type
host, or add objectclass extensibleObject with host attribute type.
If you use extensibleObject be warned, this allows to add any
attribute type.


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