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Re: SSL / Certificates / ... Some confusion

Götz Reinicke - IT-Koordinator <goetz.reinicke@filmakademie.de> writes:

> Dieter Kluenter schrieb:
>> Götz Reinicke - IT-Koordinator <goetz.reinicke@filmakademie.de> writes:
>>> Hi,
>> [...]
>>> I noticed and googeled some provider debug info and wanted to ask for
>>> some prove or clarification or work around:
>>>> >From the provider log:
>>> TLS certificate verification: Error, unsupported certificate purpose
>>> ...
>>> TLS trace: SSL3 alert write:warning:bad certificate
>>> connection_read(13): unable to get TLS client DN, error=49 id=1
>> What is the commonName attribute value of the client certificate?
> CN=ldap2.filmakademie.de

That's what I thought, but this is not a valid distinguished name,
because it is not the client host name that has to be authenticated
but an entries DN.


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