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Re: ldap_ssl_client_init equivalent?

phiroc@free.fr wrote:

is there a ldap_ssl_client_init function in the openldap C API? I couldn't
find any in the openldap header files.

No, nor is one needed. A single ldap_initialize() API does everything needed for all LDAP session types. Requiring a separate API for each connection type would be stupid, and require pointless API revving when new types are added.

What is the equivalent of the following ldapsearch query in C using the API, on Linux?

If you want to know how ldapsearch does a query in C, just read the ldapsearch source code.

ldapsearch -x -H 'ldaps://activedirectory.abc.com/636'
-b 'dc=abc,dc=com' -D 'testdn'
-W '(&(objectclass=user)(!(objectclass=computer))(samaccountname=myname))'

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