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Re: Tips when implementing password policies

pwdPolicySubentry should work -it's honored in place of the default password policy which is set in your config. If it doesn't work than likely your config lacks the necessary directives to use ppolicy. As far as enforcement pwdMustchange can be set in your policy which looks at the entrys pwdReset value. If both are true then ldap will allow a limited set of rights on the dn enough to bind as tls or ssl and change his or her password.

On Mar 23, 2010, at 5:19 PM, Chris Jacobs <Chris.Jacobs@apollogrp.edu> wrote:


I'm upgrading our LDAP infrastructure (it'll be a cut-over) and I've noticed that after adding pwdPolicySubentry to a user's account, it doesn't seem to have any affect.

This user hasn't /ever/ reset their password, and the user's account doesn't show any password policy grace period usage after the test.

The pwdPolicySubentry is still the only password policy related entry on his account.

This suggests that I'll need to force people to change their password's at some point.

1) Is what I'm seeing normal/expected?
2) What method(s) have you used to force people to change their password - beyond asking them?

- chris

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