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RE: tls private key


I don't know if they only get read at startup or not... but it does bring up the question: Why?

Protect the file with chmod 440 permissions (with root/root or ldap/ldap or whatever the user/group you use to run slapd).

If there are others with root permission to this box that shouldn't or you don't want to have access to these files - you /really should/ fix that issue first.  Then trust the file system permissions to do their job.

Sadly, I suspect though that you're dead set on keeping the certs password protected, and won't be doing the above.

However, you could always just /try/ - if it works, then you know the answer.  Just get used to restarting/starting slapd being a needless PITA.

- chris

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THought I would re ask, do certificates only get read at start up, I store my cert's with password, can i unpassword protect and then start slapd and then remove the unpassworded cert private file ?

will this be okay until such a time as slapd get restart ?


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I am setting up my sync repl to use certificates, my problem is I don't want to leave my private key for the server un encrypted.

the file pointed to by TLSCertificateKeyFile is is just read at slapd load up time, ie can i unencrypt  the file start slapd and then remove the un encrypted file ?


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