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Re: OpenLDAP DB_CONFIG values for a big Server

On 3/12/10 3:33 PM, Echedey Lorenzo wrote:
Nice tricks,

I have specified an index for my filter search. Populating entries again to
take care of it.
No need to inject the entries again. You can re-index the base using the CL

Regarding shm_key, I have a couple of silly questions:

- I should create a shared memory region. Could you please point me in the
right direction? I've been googling but found nothing regarding creating it
and OpenLDAP
- I am afraid not all the database will fit in a shared memory region. The
machine has 16GB RAM and I think all the entries would be about ~22GB. What
may happend if it comes to grow and surpass the limit?
I would seriously suggest that you conduct some tests with all the index sets, and then check if you get the expected performance, before doing some extended tunning. Without running a perf test on the base, any tunning is like shouting in the dark ....

At least, define a baseline, and then do tune/perftest/compare loops.

You can use some tool like slamd for perf tests.

Emmanuel Lécharny