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OpenLDAP authentication problem, need help

Hi all,

my OpenLDAP server was working fine, user authentication for workstations and the postfix/dovecot mail server worked as they should, I was about to configure gnarwl and now for some reason users cannot authenticate using the LDAP server. Dovecot also say that it cannot connect to the server (the mail server and OpenLDAP are running on the same machine). I can login to the LDAP server using phpLDAPadmin but i cannot find anything that would be the cause of the problem. The starnge thing is that I did not do any modifications to the OpenLDAP config files that could cause the problem (or at least i think so =)). I've been looking through the config files and made sure that OpenLDAP is running and now I'm running out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'll be more than happy to provide more info needed to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance
Veikko "Wexi" Skurnik

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