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back-sql/BDB question


I have an OpenLDAP server configured with back-sql. The reason for this is that I need to export two simple tables as LDAP for contacts (groups and users) and I don't want a cron job syncing the two every x hours/minutes (ideally it should be instant). And also (ideally), if the two programs access the same database there are no inconsistencies between the two.

All is working perfectly fine, except that changes to existing rows in the SQL database (MySQL) are not picked up until OpenLDAP is restarted. Adding new rows works fine, however.

I guess that for each record in ldap_entries, OpenLDAP fetches the values on startup, but does not check them again, unless there is a new one which it has no data for. Am I correct here?

Now, I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem, and if there is a solution? Is this intentional? (could be)

I'm too considering dropping back_sql and just modify the web application to also modify OpenLDAP directly via queries, however, I fear that if one of them goes down, data inconsistency might occur. (could be resolved with a cron script?)

Any ideas?