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Re: Nssov Problem Since 2.4.19

Chris Breneman wrote:

For the last few days, I've been trying to get nssov to work.  I've
mainly been working with OpenLDAP 2.4.21, but this issue is present in
all releases since and including 2.4.19.  It works fine in 2.4.18.

Everything compiles fine as expected, and the module loads (it seems),
but when I try to add configuration for the module with ldapadd, I get
this error:

ldap_add: Other (e.g., implementation specific) error (80)
	additional info:<olcOverlay>  handler exited with 1

Using the same build instructions, configuration, and everything, 2.4.18
works without this error.  Some more details are below.

Some built-in schema elements were moved out into a config file in 2.4.19. You probably need to add the ldapns.schema before configuring the overlay.

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