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Re: Trouble with memberOf Overlay

> I was looking through list archives and a few weeks ago, someone posted
> some configurations for the memberOf overlay.  I modified the
> configurations slightly and it looks like everything is installed (with no
> errors) and working, but when run an ldapsearch, it does not return the
> memberOf.  Below is the install and configuration method.  Any guidance on
> what to change or error logs to look at?

The way it is currently implemented, slapo-memberof(5) needs the memberOf
attribute to be populated from scratch.  If you enable this overlay on an
existing database, you need to repopulate the database, or at least to
delete and re-add the group entries.  A function that allows to enable the
overlay on an existing database needs to be added.  I suggest you file an
ITS for a feature request.