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Read Waiters growing


I see a strange thing in cn=Monitor. Suggestions needed.

I have a huge database, and performance is great as long as olcReadOnly is TRUE. But a soon as I enable writes, the number of Read Waiters are growing, even though there's no or very few Write waiters.

# Read, Waiters, Monitor
dn: cn=Read,cn=Waiters,cn=Monitor
monitorCounter: 311

# Write, Waiters, Monitor
dn: cn=Write,cn=Waiters,cn=Monitor
monitorCounter: 0

# Current, Connections, Monitor
dn: cn=Current,cn=Connections,cn=Monitor
monitorCounter: 210

I have idletime=120 and connections do around 30 reads each before they are retired, but not many writes. Like this:

# Connection 5389, Connections, Monitor
dn: cn=Connection 5389,cn=Connections,cn=Monitor
monitorConnectionNumber: 5389
monitorConnectionOpsReceived: 32
monitorConnectionOpsExecuting: 0
monitorConnectionOpsPending: 0
monitorConnectionOpsCompleted: 32
monitorConnectionGet: 32
monitorConnectionRead: 32
monitorConnectionWrite: 0

It's slapd 2.4.21, BDB 4.8.26 and back_bdb.

Any hint to what could cause that many read-waiters, but only while writing is enabled and even though there's not that many writes?