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Re: Syncrepl in OpenLDAP-2.4.20

Am Sonntag 21 Februar 2010 19:34:22 schrieb Ralf Zimmermann:
> Hi all,
> today I have made tests with Version 2.4.21 and my 2.4.20
> configuration. When I start slapd I get following error message:
> config error processing olcDatabase={1}hdb,cn=config: <olcSyncrepl>
> invalid URL olcSyncrepl: value #0: <olcSyncrepl> invalid URL
> In the  slapd.conf is a syncrepl  section. If I add  a
> 'uri=ldap://<server>' to the syncrepl  directive and I create  a
> online configuration with  'slaptest -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf -F
> /etc/openldap/slapd.d' the olc ldif file contains a uri with
> 'uri=ldap://<server>'.  If I didn't define uri  in slapd.conf
> syncrepl directive the uri in the olc ldif file was empty and slapd
> is not starting.
Sounds like you are experiencing this bug:
http://www.openldap.org/its/index.cgi/Software Bugs?id=6465

It is fixed in cvs HEAD and will be released with the next OpenLDAP 

> I  have take  a look  to the  CHANGES and  the man  pages, but  I
> didn't  found anything about the uri parameter in the syncrepl
> section. Why is this parameter not documented or where is my problem?