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Re: Syncrepl for AD replication

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Am 20.02.2010 17:28, schrieb Dieter Kluenter:
>> I am looking to setup a LDAP server that can pull certain user
>> attributes from Active Directory like userid (sAMAccountName), cn, sn
>> and populate some other attributes like public keys via user input.
>> Is it possible to automate the AD to LDAP replication using syncrepl? 
>> Also, looking at syncrepl documentation, it isn't clear how syncrepl
>> adds records? For example, if a new user gets added on the master, how
>> does the replica know what objectclasses to include while adding that
>> user?
> Ask Microsoft to implement RFC-4533 into AD.

That would be the best thing to do; but there are some posibilities to do some sort of
repl on other ways.
At the moment I work on some sort of plugin for a software to authenticate via LDAP with
an AD, and while running I plan to implement an LDAP<-->AD data synchronization. But it
is still far in the future.
In fact, this will *not* do repl of schema data, because this is quite complex in AD (in
comparison with openLDAP).

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