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idea for access rules #2

Hi again,

Have a subtree like this:

    cn=fact2, owner=cn=me,ou=users

So this time, some child elements of a dataX-subtree are "owned" by
certain users. What I want: when a user (cn=me) traverses the LDAP
tree, (s)he should only see the dataX-subtrees with at least one
child owned by this user. For the example above, the user cn=me
should get read access to "ou=data1" and to "cn=fact2,ou=data1",
but he should NOT get read access to ou=data2 and its children.

Specifying the access to the "cn=factX" entries is already solved,
now the only problem is to deny access to some of the "ou=dataX"

My current idea is something like this:

  to dn.regex="(ou=[^,]+,ou=data)"
  by set.expand="([ldap://$1?scope=sub]/owner) & user"

which should find all entries in a dataX subtree, collect their owners
and "compare" them with the current user.

But this does not look "nice" to me because of the additional required
LDAP search. Is there a more straightforward solution for this? 

If not: is this search operation really EXECUTED? Which bind DN is used
to execute the search? The "current" one? I guess, to find the search
results for the LDAP query all access rules for the current user apply?

Thanks and regards