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Re: OpenLDAP 2.4 replicated to 2.3?

--On Wednesday, February 10, 2010 01:56:46 AM +0100 Jakov Sosic <jakov.sosic@srce.hr> wrote:

Hi to all!

I've set up Zimbra LDAP (2.4) as master, and I want to use RHEL v5 LDAP
(2.3) as a slave. This is relevant part of my slapd.conf on LDAP 2.3:

This won't work.  The format of the contextCSN changed between 2.3 and
2.4.  A 2.3 replica does not have the code in it to normalize the
differences.  The only supported 2.3/2.4 replica that is support is
with a 2.3.43 master and a later version of 2.4.  In the early
versions of 2.4 there was a problem with comparison of the two
contextCSN formats.  Not sure exactly which version fixed the problem,
but by 2.4.19 it was working.


Bill MacAllister, System Software Programmer
Unix Systems Group, Stanford University

# syncrepl directives
syncrepl  rid=101
	retry="60 +"
# Refer updates to the master
updateref		ldap://

Replication works OK, when I first start LDAP, it populates
automatically. But after that initial data, it just doesn't pull
anything anymore. I have to restart it, or it won't pull data from
Master :( Problem is, when I add user to Zimbra LDAP (master), it does
not propagate immediately data to slave LDAP. I don't even know what the
interval is, I've never seen it happen in a few minutes after the Master
LDAP is updated...

Am I missing something? Shouldn't "refreshAndPersist" do it without any
delay (or with minimal delay)? Should I run someting on zimbra LDAP
side, or is the sync from LDAP 2.4 to LDAP 2.3 impossible? Would it be
better to set something like:


but this just seems like a bruteforce to me :( I repeat, after I restart
slave LDAP, all the new enteries appear magically.

I'm really confused.