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sizelimit doesn't seem to be reflected into "ldap" backends?

Hi there

I'm wanting to use slapd as a "LAF" - LDAP Application Firewall - to
filter and log calls to our backend Active Directory LDAP network.

I've just slapd doing the job just fine - except that it can't return
large LDAP data dumps... If I use "ldapsearch -E pr=900/noprompt"
directly against an AD LDAP server, I can get it to dump everything.
However, if I do the same command against a slapd proxy, I get the "size
exceeded" error message. It appears slapd doesn't understand this
extension, and isn't passing it on to the backend?

Any ideas how I could get around this, besides saying we need to touch
our AD to get rid of the size limit (I've already thought of that :-)




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