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Re: Proxy Just Binds/Authentications from another LDAP?

Michael Ströder wrote:
Don Hoover wrote:
I also just configured saslauthd to have a ldap_servers, and
ldap_search_base only, since SASL is using username and password provided
through openldap to do the binds.

I guess in some ways I am doing a unique thing in that I am actually
proxying another real ldap server, and not doing active directory which so
many seem to be doing these days.

You could also use back-ldap together with slapo-rwm rewriting the bind
requests. This would avoid having to set userPassword value and running saslauthd.

Except that back-ldap will forward all requests to the remote server, not just Bind requests.

I've just added in CVS HEAD a simple extension to back-ldap to allow it to be used as an overlay that only forwards Bind requests. Have a look at that...


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