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Re: OpenLDAP Log files

sgmayo@mail.bloomfield.k12.mo.us schrieb:
One of my teachers decided to move things around and plugged a network
cable in the wrong place causing a network loop and it seems to have ended
up corrupting my ldap database.

Where are the log files from slapd at and/or how do I read them?
if your syslog(-ng) is not configured to log slapds output via syslog facility local4 to an explicit file, take a look in /var/log/messages (e.g. with "tail -n <numberoflines> <file> | grep slapd"). maybe you have to adjust your (olc)loglevel according to man 5 slapd.conf (static config)
or man 5 slapd-config (dynamic)
I did a 'slapd -d -1' and the pages just keep flying by and never stop
without a ctrl-c.  I have run a slapd_db_recover on this Fedora 10 box,
but that did not seem to fix the problem I guess.

I did slapcat the directory to an ldif file yesterday, but I am wondering
if it did not already contain some bad data.  I may see if I can slapadd
it back in if ldap does not have to be running.  If it does then I will
have to do something else.

Thanks for any info.  Took me 7 hours to track down the intermittent
problems yesterday since it seemed to be server problems and now I am
starting out again on the same track it seems.