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Re: Problem with chain overlay

Quoting Klaus Nagel <m_a_i_l@web.de>:

Hello, I have a little problem with the chain overlay and hope, someone
can help me. I have a master and a slave server (both debian lenny with
openldap 2.4.11) and a normal syncrepl replication between both, but I
can't get the chain working.

Did you remember to include the necessary proxy authorization? I've been working hard to increase my own understanding of this subject, also using Debian lenny. Here are some of my own instructions that you may find handy:

   * OpenLDAP consumer -- Referrals

   * OpenLDAP consumer with MIT Kerberos V -- Referrals

I'm currently busy revising these pages, so they will change occasionally, but so far I've not encountered any problems with the chaining instructions. If you spot anything obviously stupid, or would just like to comment, I'd be happy to hear from you.