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Error 53 applying syncrepl LDIF

Hello all,

In a syncrepl setup, I understand that the syncrepl specification is defined on the consumer server. I understand this to mean that I should apply my LDIF (that adds the olcSyncrepl attribute to my config and hdb backends) on the consumer server. However, ldapadd was only successful in configuring my config backend for syncrepl, which is defined first in the LDIF, and failed with LDAP error 53 when attempting to add the olcSyncrepl attribute to my hdb backend; additional error info: "shadow context; no update referral."

Is this because the olcSyncrepl attribute added to my config backend already established my consumer server as a replica and hence subsequent writes to the consumer server will not be accepted?

Ideally, I wanted to add the syncrepl configuration in my slapd.conf and then convert it to cn=config; however, this doesn't appear to work with 2.4.21 because the slaptest added a uri="" to the olcSyncrepl attribute that running slapd complained of an invalid URL for olcSyncrepl. This is not an issue in 2.4.20.

Anyway, what's the right way for me to configure syncrepl on my 2.4.21 consumer server for both the config and hdb backends?