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Re: performance on Solaris

Stefano Zanmarchi a écrit :
Thank you very much Quanah, you sound very encouraging.

Does anyone knows how OpenLDAP performs on Sun Solaris (10) on Sun's
hardware (sparc cpus)?

Some more data to complete the picture.
- OpenLDAP 2.4.16 + Berkeley BDB 4.7 + back-bdb
- 800.000 entries occupy 880MB (log excluded), and a typical entry would
just be:
     dn: uid=657321@myunit.myorg.org,
     objectClass: account
     objectClass: simpleSecurityObject
     uid: 657321@myunit.myorg.org
     userPassword: whatever
- The "working set" is around 25% (i.e. most of the bind/updates will be
done on the same 200.000 entries)

Given these numbers, I thought 500MB be enough, do you agree?
Considering the price of 2 Gb, do you really think that it's a show stopper ?

Emmanuel Lécharny