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Best objectClass for an LDAP server?

Hi folks,

Busy again with the configuration of my OpenLDAP 2.4.11 test system, which includes Kerberos, SASL and GSSAPI, I now not only have replication working with Kerberos authentication and encryption), but also SASL proxy authorization, which makes chaining possible (chasing referrals on behalf of clients).

For proxy authorization to work, I first had to create an LDAP object to represent the DN that the consumer server was authenticating with -- after the name of its Kerberos principal. Here it is in GSSAPI-format:


Not wanting to use the person objectClass for this purpose, I used this instead:

   dn: cn=ldap/ldapks2.example.com,ou=consumers,dc=example,dc=com
   cn: ldap/ldapks2.example.com
   objectClass: simpleSecurityObject
   objectClass: organizationalRole
   description: LDAP server2 replicator
   saslAuthzTo: dn.regex:^uid=[^,]*,ou=users,dc=example,dc=com$
   userPassword: {CRYPT}*

Does this look like the best solution? It does force me to include a userPassword attribute, for which I use an invalid hash, but otherwise there are no other unnecessary attributes. Still, I wonder if I could do better.

Any opinions?