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Re: Unable to Search/Authenticate Users

Todd Reed wrote:
> I’m trying to get a Web Application to authenticate to OpenLDAP.  I have
> one user account that I am binding as (user: webldapauth).  I have
> another user account that I am trying to log in via the application
> (user: webuser).  The “webuser” is in a OU called “WebAppUsers”.  With
> an LDAP Browser, I can bind to LDAP as both users.  But, when I try to
> log in to the web app, I’m binding with the user “webldapauth”, but
> cannot log in with the “webuser” account.  The web application calls are
> good because I can point it to an ActiveDirectory server and it works
> fine.  This is my first attempt with OpenLDAP.  I believe there is a
> configuration problem with OpenLDAP, but I’m not sure where to look or
> troubleshoot at.  Would anyone be able to provide any guidance?  I’ve
> looked at the manuals and other help files, but nothing has worked so far.

I'd check the ACLs.

Ciao, Michael.