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Re: Openldap installation problem

Thanks all replys. But i have problem now.

debian 5,

dpkg-buildpackage -b


cp: cannot stat `./debian/tmp/etc/ldap/schema': No such file or directory
dh_install: command returned error code 256
make: *** [binary-arch] Error 1
dpkg-buildpackage: failure: debian/rules binary gave error exit status 2

how i can solve this problem ?


On 01/13/2010 11:47 PM, Prentice Bisbal wrote:
Michael Ströder wrote:
Prentice Bisbal wrote:
Murat Uğur Eminoğlu wrote:
checking for ndb_init in -lndbclient... no
configure: error: could not locate ndbclient library
It looks you don't have the NDB libraries installed or the configure
script can't find them. I had the same problem on my RHEL 5-based system.

If you don't specifically require NDB backend support, remove
"--enable-backends" from your configure command, and only list the ones
you plan on using. You are already specifying the bdb  with
"--enable-bdb". This is what I did.

One can also explicitly use --enable-ndb=no to only disable back-ndb.

Would this work, too?

./configure --enable-backends --disable-ndb


Murat Uğur Eminoğlu