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seg fault during slapindex

I'm looking for help with an index building problem. I am running Apple (Tiger) Open Directory which uses slapd 2.2.19. Upgrading is unfortunately not an option because the OS has tools / GUI built around the database. I had noticed some errors in our slapd.log indicating we needed additional indexes built:

bdb_equality_candidates: (kerio-Mail-AccountEnabled) index_param failed (18)\n
 bdb_equality_candidates: (kerio-Mail-Address) index_param failed (18)\n
 bdb_substring_candidates: (apple-group-realname) index_param failed (18)\n
 bdb_substring_candidates: (givenName) index_param failed (18)\n
 bdb_substring_candidates: (mail) index_param failed (18)\n

So I attempted to create the missing indexes, but slapindex crashes with a segmentation fault unless I disable most of my config changes. The lines commented out are the ones which caused a fault:


 include /etc/openldap/slapd_macosxserver.conf
 #index  kerio-Mail-Address eq # Seg faults.
 index  kerio-Mail-AccountEnabled eq

slapd_macosxserver.conf (included via slapd.conf):

# Adding ",sub" to apple-group-realname, due to errors in /var/log/slapd.log
 #index   apple-group-realname   eq
 index   apple-group-realname    eq,sub
 # Adding mail & givenName indices, due to errors in /var/log/slapd.log
 # Both of these cause seg fault on slapindex
 #index   mail           sub
 #index   givenName      sub

I verified that the index names I configured match exactly the spelling in the error messages. Also slaptest ran successfully. I ran db_recover to no avail (slapindex was initially hanging even if I just used my base configuration).

Any hints would be greatly appreciated. I realize this is an older version, but hopefully there are some tricks that I could use to work around it? If not, could I install the current openldap, in a different location, build the indexes, and copy them over?