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OpenLDAP Baseline Security Analyzer


My name is Inma Bravo, I work at the University of Salamanca (Spain)
mainly administrating our OpenLDAP directory.

I have done a project called OpenLDAP Baseline Security Analyzer.[1] The
project website is written in Spanish and in English.

The purpose of this project is to develop a list of criteria that should
be taken into account for the initial plan of securing the directory,
and to show the most common mistakes that we must try to avoid.

It briefly documents the main attacks and threats that we face as
directory administrators.

It is written to be easy, straightforward, and useful.

These criteria are encoded in XML Schema, adhering to OCIL to use the
OCIL Interpreter.

I presented this project in our technical winter meeting of the
institutions that are affiliated with RedIRIS (the Spanish academic and
research network) [2], and it was well-received by the technicians.

In conclusion, the reason I am writing you is to announce the project
and to ask you for suggestions to improve and to correct it. 

I hope the project will be of your interest.

Thanks very much 

Inmaculada Bravo García

[1] http://openldap-bsa.forja.rediris.es/
[2] http://www.rediris.es/