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Re: overlay "syncprov" not found

Quoting Andrew Debenham <adebenham@sotech1.com>:

Checking configuration files for slapd:                    [FAILED]
overlay "syncprov" not found
slaptest: bad configuration file!

As you probably already know, the syncprov module needs to be loaded *before* the syncprov overlay is invoked. From your config file, it looks like you understand that, but the error suggests that the module is not being loaded anyway. I think I see why:

# moduleload retcode.la
# moduleload rwm.la
 moduleload syncprov.la
# moduleload translucent.la

It's that leading space on the line that loads the syncprov module: remove it. Unlike many other types of config files, in slapd.conf lines with leading spaces are seen as continuations of previous lines. So, since the line above it is a comment, with that leading space there your instruction to load the syncprov module is still commented out.