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Problem with nss-ldap using GSSAPI


we use ldap as name source in our system (libnss-ldap).
Until now we used anonymous bind with LDAP and it worked fine.
Now we want to switch to GSSAPI (MIT Krb5), but getting names ('getent passwd <name>') does not work: no result is returned/printed. Strange is that, when we run the query in debug-mode (debug 7 in /etc/ldap.conf), you can see the correct result in the debug part (in "hexes") but at the end no result is printed .
The only error message we could see is:
res_errno: 14, res_error: <SASL(0): successful result: >, res_matched: <>

Querying LDAP with ldapsearch still works fine.

Do You have any idea how to get closer to the source of the problem?
We use Ubuntu Karmic as client (repo package) and Solaris10 (with OpenLdap 2.4.16) as server.


Wojtek Polcwiartek

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