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deprecated function ldap_sort_entries, ldap_sort_values, ldap_sort_strcasecmp

using openldap 2.4.17

I'm fixing obsolete things in my old application, e.g. removed some extern 
statements. When building I got

xxx.c:790: error: 'ldap_sort_strcasecmp' undeclared (first use 
in this function)

After further investigation I discovered this



"	ldap_sort_entries

	of which Net::LDAPapi only uses ldap_sort_entries.

	Is there a replacement function for this?  If not, any thoughts on what
	the steps are to duplicate that functionality?

	So no one else knows what these functions do either? ;)

	Well, functions tend to get deprecated due to neglect. If nobody has ever 
	used them thus far..... 

	  -- Howard Chu"

Well, seems I know what these function do, I used it to sort set of values 
of the retrieved attribute ( char ** ), specifying function, which is
to be used for sorting. The form of call was (is)

ldap_sort_values( LDAP * ldc, char ** vals, ( fn & ) ldap_sort_strcasecmp);

The idea was, that when I got attribute values set like 

attrName: /abc/xyz
attrName: /abc/x/nnnn
attrName: /abc
attrName: /abc/xyz/u/m

numericAttrName: 10
numericAttrName: 5
numericAttrName: 123

I need to process it in some resonable order, according to application 
needs, it was easier to use library functions than create my own's. 

I denoted these with ' //LDAP_SORT_AV_CMP_PROC *cmp ', but don't remember
was I meant, must have been about 3 years ago.

Any suggestions? Shall I create my own function to sort retrieved values,
or use some server control?

AFAIR one has no influence on the order, in which  attribute values are 
PUT into the entry, but when it comes to use it, it is important to be 
sure, that there's NO variable of value "7" processed before value "10"

ldap_sort (3)        - LDAP sorting routines (deprecated)
ldap_sort_entries (3) - LDAP sorting routines (deprecated)
ldap_sort_strcasecmp (3) - LDAP sorting routines (deprecated)
ldap_sort_values (3) - LDAP sorting routines (deprecated)


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