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Re: Prebuilt official openldap packages? (Was: Re: Query performance degrades over time.)

Hello, Christian.

> Of all the open source software we use, openldap seems to be the only server software not usable in the state shipped from our OS distributors, so in that case Symas sounds better. Howver, according to their website, they're heavily outdated: "Symas OpenLDAP Version 3 is based on OpenLDAP Version 2.3.".

The first version listed at 


is OpenLDAP 2.4.  Our main site and blog posts discuss 2.3 a bit as we have a fair number of customers that are still upgrading and need reliable support for older versions.

We strongly recommend using OpenLDAP 2.4 for all new deployments, and those are the first packages listed for download in the download portal.

> Doesn't really matter that they employ Openldap developers when said developer(s) always encurage latest version and they provide only older versions.

That would be bad, yes.  But no, we do strongly recommend downloading our 2.4 packages.

> I might get the wrong idea from their website of course, if it's outdated or poorly presents current state of their services.

Yes, though we can see how this happened.  We'll look into fixing it; thanks.

> Elsewhere it seems like they do in fact ship openldap 2.4.x:
> http://www.symas.com/updates/


Matthew Backes
Symas Corporation