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Re: Prebuilt official openldap packages? (Was: Re: Query performance degrades over time.)

--On Wednesday, December 09, 2009 12:27 PM +0100 Christian Haugan Toldnes <christian.toldnes@ntnu.no> wrote:

Buchan Milne wrote:

I know of at least two companies provided supported binaries:
-OpenLogic: https://olex.openlogic.com/packages/openldap

I have used neither, as I build my own (and those for Mandriva), e.g.:


If OpenLDAP is your biggest requirement, I would probably go with Symas,
as  they employ OpenLDAP developers, if you need support on other
packages  OpenLogic supplies, it might make more sense to go with them.

Of all the open source software we use, openldap seems to be the only
server software not usable in the state shipped from our OS
distributors, so in that case Symas sounds better. Howver, according to
their website, they're heavily outdated: "Symas OpenLDAP Version 3 is
based on OpenLDAP Version 2.3.".

Url: http://www.symas.com/cds.shtml

Doesn't really matter that they employ Openldap developers when said
developer(s) always encurage latest version and they provide only older

I might get the wrong idea from their website of course, if it's
outdated or poorly presents current state of their services.

Elsewhere it seems like they do in fact ship openldap 2.4.x:

Anyway. Will look into it, as well as trying to get decent pricing from
RedHat on their Directory Server.

If you have performance requirements, I'd be very careful to benchmark RH's directory server before you consider using it. It is orders of magnitudes slower than OpenLDAP in anything I've tried with it. slamd is an excellent tool for doing such benchmarking.



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