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SOLVED: Bootstrapping mirromode/Two contextCSNs

Peter Mogensen wrote:
Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
By "writes" that would include anything changed by syncrepl. I think Howard's point is that server2 says it has received writes aka changes from server1. So the question is, what makes you think that server2 hasn't gotten said writes when it is reporting that it is?

As I said.
server2 does get the updated contextCSN from server1, but only the contectCSN. The data changes I make are not propagated.

I was about to give up, but I tcpdumped to communication to confirm that the data was indeed not sent and switched all loglevel options on at server1 and still the only interesting thing I could se was the "changed by peer, ignored" message.

Since it was not ITS#6367 (I use 2.4.20) I had to do some googling.
I found this thread:

I realized that I had actually once noticed that server2 had gotten af wrong ServerID, but I figured I had made a typo.

However, it seems that the example in the documentation regarding mirrormode setup is only valid if you DO NOT mirror cn=config

If you also mirror cn=config, you'll have to provide both ServerIDs on both server:

ServerID 1 ldaps://server1.example.com/
ServerID 2 ldaps://server2.example.com/

... and then it works.

I might have been able to figure this out earlier, but may I suggest that this is mentioned in the next revision of the mirrormode docs?

Thanks for your time,