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Re: bootstrapping mirrormode

Peter Mogensen wrote:
Peter Mogensen wrote:
What I do is:

1) Took an slapcat generated LDIF from a 2.3.x setup
2) Removed all entryCSN and contextCSN lines.
3) Ran "slapadd -S 1 -q -w -l ~/load_noCSN.ldif" on server-1
4) Did a "slapcat > toserver2.ldif" on server-1
5) Started server-1 and let applications create and modify objects.
6) Moved toserver2.ldif to server-2.
7) Ran slapadd -q -l toserver2.ldif on server-2
8) Started server-2

Now - I would expect the objects created on step 5 to appear after a
while on server-2. They are not.
However, objects created on server-1 after both servers has been started are replicated.

Could someone confirm this procedure as being right or wrong?

If it is not meant to work I'll stop searching for the problem.

More info:
If I skip step 6/7 and let server-2 start with an empty database, it DOES actually replicate all the data from server-1, including changes made in step 5 and before step 8 (start of server-2).

So the problem must be in the way server-2 i loaded in step 7 or the way it's started.

Advice needed.