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Re: How to Clone / move an OpenLDAP instance?

In the manual online
could not identify this behavior.

Which version are you using?

- Jarbas

2009/12/3 Michael March <mmarch@gmail.com>:
>>> Thanks for the response.
>>>> On Thursday, 3 December 2009 11:06:54 Michael March wrote:
>>>>> I need to move all the data from one OpenLDAP instance to another
>>>>> (including operational attributes). What is the best way to do that?
>>>> slapcat;scp;slapadd
>>> Unfortunately slapadd doesn't maintain operational attributes.
>> Where you read this?
> From the 'slapadd' man page:
> "       As slapadd is designed to accept LDIF in database order, as produced by
>       slapcat(8), it does not  verify  that  superior  entries  exist  before
>       adding  an  entry,  does not perform all user and system schema checks,
>       and does not maintain operational attributes (such  as  createTimeStamp
>       and modifiersName)."