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Re: File Server & LDAP Server

On Wednesday, 2 December 2009 20:33:45 Dominguez, Gaston Matias wrote:
> Well, The Server B is es PDC.

So server B is running Samba? Then this is a question for the samba list.

> The Server A should be a Domain Member ??

If you want users to access the shares without being prompted for username and 
password, yes.

> And how to configurate Server A ?

As a samba domain member, or if it has sufficient access to LDAP, let samba have 
access to the LDAP passdb. See the samba documentation.

There is one question though, how are you going to provide username lookups. 
There are two ways, either using winbind (which is what the samba people will 
prefer), but it works just as well IMHO if you use nss_ldap for user 
enumeration, and make this samba server effectively be a DC (using passdb 
backend = ldapsam.......).

If you use the winbind method, this has nothing to do with OpenLDAP really