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Re: /etc/nsswitch cause delay in start

* vishesh kumar <linuxtovishesh@gmail.com> [2009-11-25 10:25:07 +0530]:

> Dear friends
> I am facing a unique problem in openldap 2.3.43  on rhel 5. 2. If i specify
> ldap in /etc/nsswitch.conf like
> passwd   files ldap
> shadow   files ldap
> group      files ldap
> And then start my ldap server, it takes lots of time to start ldap server.
> If i remove ldap from /etc/nsswitch.conf , it start immediately.

It is try resolv ldap user thru ldap, when ldap started.
I don`t know how to do it in right way, I edit starting slapd scripts,
which remove ldap record from nsswitch.conf before start and add it back
afters start.

Anothe way make soft bind in nss_ldap (it`s in freebsd)

> Can anyone suggest be any solution for this problem.
> Thanks
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