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Fwd: [Mitkc-announce] Kerberos Conference Slides, Release 1.8

My slides from last month's Kerberos Conference are now available online.

The files used in my demo are attached here:

cf.ldif - a basic slapd configuration: use with
	slapadd -F <path/to>/slapd.d -l cf.ldif -n0

kerberos.ldif - the MIT KDC schema
addkrb.sh - simple steps to load KDC schema into slapd

/etc/krb5.conf - config file for MIT Kerberos
initkdc.sh - commands to initialize the KDC
addprinc.sh - commands to add Kerberos attributes to an LDAP user

It took about 5 minutes to walk through these steps during the presentation;
most of that time was spent explaining the steps... Actually doing the work is
about 30 seconds.

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Subject: 	[Mitkc-announce] Kerberos Conference Slides, Release 1.8
Date: 	Thu, 19 Nov 2009 14:19:43 -0500
From: 	Stephen Buckley <sbuckley@mit.edu>
To: 	mitkc-announce@mit.edu

Hello all,

We have put the slides from our Kerberos Conference up on our web site at:


Keynoters included Kim Cameron, Chief Architect for Identity at Microsoft.

Also, the 1.8 release feature set is now complete and documented at:


We are on track to deliver 1.8 in March 2010.

We also started a blog


Lastly, a reminder that we try to provide some useful documentation and


Kind regards,



Stephen C. Buckley
Executive Director
MIT Kerberos Consortium

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