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OpenLDAP not finding Cyrus SASL

Title: OpenLDAP not finding Cyrus SASL


I have compiled OpenLDAP 2.4.19 using
env CPPFLAGS="-I/Desktop/libs/include/sasl" LDFLAGS="-L/Desktop/libs/lib/sasl2 -R/Desktop/libs/lib/sasl2" ./configure --with-cyrus-sasl.

The version of Cyrus SASL is 2.1.23.

When I use /usr/local/bin/ldapsearch  -H ldap://ldap.example.org -x -b "" -s base supportedSASLMechanisms, I get NTLM and GSS-SPNEGO as the mechanisms from server.

But when I give /usr/local/bin/ldapsearch -Y NTLM -H ldap://ldap.example.org -b 'ou=users,ou=readimanager' '(cn=dhruva)'

I am getting ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s : Local error (-2).

Is there a way to solve this?