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Re: slapo-auditlog doesn't log the time and name for delete operation

Ben Leo wrote:
> I have successfully implemented slapo-auditlog but as I test the
> logging, I found a problem on the logging for "delete" operation.
> I noticed that, for "add" and "modify" operation, the auditlog shows the
> Timestamp and Name of each operation, as the following example:
> [..]
> But, for "delete" operation, it doesn't show the Timestamp and Name at
> all, as the following example:
> [..]
> How can I get the Timestamp and Name to show for the "delete" operation?
> If slapo-auditlog cannot provide this, is there any other way to do this?

You might want to consider slapo-accesslog instead which logs the requests
instead of just the data being changed.

Ciao, Michael.