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Re: Correct way to load LDIF in mirrormode

Howard Chu wrote:
Peter Mogensen wrote:
masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
- load server 1 using slapadd with option -S (the SID of server 1) and -w

- slapcat server 1

- slapadd server 2 using the slapcat from server 1

this ensures you have consistent entryCSN and contextCSN

That's of course right.
But that will also more than double the time needed to load a backup on a mirrormode setup.

This procedure should only be needed if the LDIF doesn't already contain
correct CSNs. If you're loading a backup from a 2.4 slapcat you can just
slapadd it on all servers at once.

But I would guess I could do it like this to save time:

1) slapdadd -S 1 -q -w -l data.ldif
   on server 1

2) slapcat server 1 > newdata.ldif

3a) Start server 1

3b) slapadd -q -l newdata.ldif
    on server 2

4) Start server 2

I would expect server 2 to catch up quickly with server 1, and of course I would not have mirroring initially while server 2 is loading.