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Correct way to load LDIF in mirrormode


I have huge LDIF file from openldap 2.3.30, which I try to load in a 2.4.19 mirrormode setup.

I've tried different ways to load it.

1) Load the LDIF on server 1 and wait for server 2 to replicate it.
   - it takes several days and server-2 never seems to get all the way
     and catch up with server 1.

2) Load the LDIF on both servers and start slapd.
   - Afterwards not all entries created on server 1 is replicated to

So the first thing to rule out would be to ensure that I've loaded the LDIF correctly:

The entryCSN from the 2.3.30 server is in this format:

The two servers (server1/server2) in the 2.4.19 setup have sid 1, 2 and rid 3,4 (cn=config replication has rid 1,2).

I loaded the LDIF like this on both servers:
$ slapadd -q -w -l backup-2.3.30.ldif

Is that enough to make replication start from a known state?

Could someone please exemplify a scenario where the -S option for slapadd is needed?