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RE: Problem in sb_stream_read

Thanks for the response.

I agree that you should have no interest in 2.2.6 anymore.  I did take a
look at 2.4.17 to see if there was a fix for this issue, but I did not
spot any - perhaps I missed it.  So I thought I would be a good citizen
and alert the list of this very hard to find problem.

We would like to move to a more modern version of Open LDAP, but at this
point we have patched our version so heavily that it's hard.



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> Here is what I did in code base 2.2.6

Not sure whether it matters, but do you have any valid reason for
with code released 5 years, 8 months ago?  We're now at 2.4.19.  I'd
recommend you check whether recent code suffers from the same problems,
and eventually discuss fixes/improvements that apply to the latest code,
in order for fixes to be considered.