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ldap overlays


We are running openldap 2.4.11.
The "base" dn is "dc=foo,dc=com", under this, there are two
organizationalunits "ou=people,dc=foo,dc=com" and

Entries under "groups" use objectclass groupOfNames.
Entries under "people" use objectclass inetOrgPerson.

Each group entry has some "member" attributes, each of them "pointing"
to one user dn. With this we have the "list of members that the group

Also we are using the "memberof" overlay (memberof.la) that
automatically "inserts" "memberof" attributes to each user, so each
user, has a list of memberof attributes (one for each group that the
user belongs to).

At this point all is OK and working fine.

Now we need another overlay that "inserts" a new "text" attribute for
each user called for example "groups" that contains a string with all
the groups that the user belongs to.
Note that we need to have this with only ONE attribute (NOT one
attribute for each group that the user belongs to).
For example:
groups: g1,g2,g3

groups: g1
groups: g2
groups: g3

It is possible?

Thanks a lot and best regards