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Re: Fail-Over


On Fri, 6 Nov 2009, Dominguez, Gaston Matias wrote:

> Hi people,
> Someone knows how to prepare a fail-over between two servers with samba &
> ldap.

Do I miss something, or nowadays questions on the list are becoming more 
and more "i-don't-actually-care" style?

With ldap, a feature you call failover, is usually implemented on
application level, like libnss-ldap. Most applications allow to set 
two or more ldap server addresses, and then use the first, and if it
does not responde - failover to next address on the list. 
With openldap daemon itself you need to setup a replica, and then supply
address of master and address of replica (or two+ addresses of replicas),
in application configuration. 
To achieve a full failover, including cluster stack, common shared IP 
address between nodes etc. you need to become familiar with hundreds or
more documentation pages, including pacemaker, and some clustered 
filesystem of your choice..