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Re: slapd(8) adds objects without adding structuralObjectClass -> blocks replication

--On Wednesday, November 04, 2009 10:38 PM +0100 Christian Haugan Toldnes <christian.toldnes@ntnu.no> wrote:

I do have to wonder though; does this mean that it's commonly known in
the LDAP community that distributiors are notoriously bad at maintaining
LDAP server packages in general, as opposed to other software? Or do you
consider this advice to be general to all server software, in which case
I would have to disagree.. :)

Hi Christian,

It's very specific to the LDAP server. The main point for distro's is to provide the LDAP C Api libraries to other software, not for running a production quality level LDAP server. If you look at how frequently the releases are, whether it is OpenLDAP, FedoraDS/389, OpenDS, ApacheDS, etc, there are fairly continual modifications and bug fixes that are occurring to make sure the product is stable. You can generally get away with using the distro provided versions of the underlying software (bdb, cyrus-sasl, hiemdal or MIT kerberos, etc), but not for the LDAP layer.

I personally prefer to build it all myself. ;)



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