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Re: nonpresent_callback in syncrepl

On 29/10/2009 08:47, Volker Wetzelaer wrote:

    Hi there,

    i got a problem with syncrepl, o at least i think it is a problem.
    The consumer runs totally normal for a time and the the logfile
    shows messages like tge following one.
    In fact there are such messages for the whole ldap-entries and the
    consumer does no replication while
    it is "walking" through the database.

    Can anyone help me with that and tell me how to avoid ?
    Or is it not a problem at all ?

    I got 2 other consumers using exactly the same configuration (apart
    from the rid) ant those servers
    do not show the same problem.

    Oct 28 14:22:29 dusradius02-pluto-voip slapd[31908]:
    nonpresent_callback: rid=003 got UUID
    cf8e7434-574b-102e-9935-cd4b3be449f8, dn qscId=616351,dc=radius,dc=123

    thanks, volker


What version of OpenLDAP are you using?

The latest version, 2.4.19, is considered stable and fixes numerous bugs in syncrepl that were present in previous releases of OpenLDAP 2.4.x. If you're not using it, I strongly recommend you to upgrade.